Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Another Blog: Again?

My new blog using Wordpress...i've export all of my blog into it...

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bank Islam Credit Card

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Last week, i've just received my new Bank Islam Mastercard and VISA. What so good with Bank Islam Card?

First of all, the best benefit is no compounding interest. This means the interest is flat 18% per year, 1.5% per month. With conventional credit card, the interest 1.5% will be compounded every month and the total for a year is actually 19.5618% (go get your calculator). So the savings with Bank Islam Card will be 8.6% per annum over conventional card. Bank Islam also implemented the new interest rate like other bank (15%p.a for 12/12 payment and 17%p.a for 10/12 payment) but it's still not compounded like others so you'll save more.

Other great thing about Bank Islam Card is the ATM withdrawal fee is only RM12 for every RM1000 cash. The other banks normally will charge 3%-5% or RM50 whichever is higher. This means you'll only be charged for 1.2% with Bank Islam Card.

Futhermore, if you'd credit card from other bank, you can transfer your balance and enjoy 0% charge for the first 3 months and 1% per month for the 4th until your card expire. The transfer fee is only RM6.20 per request.

Other privileges are FREE Takaful coverage on your outstanding balance, zakat payment, fee waiver for 12 swipes per year and more.

Goodbye to my old VISA.

You'll get both VISA and Mastercard with share limit. Even though it's silver and not shine like my old gold credit card, lower credit limit means you'll planning your financial more carefully next time.

I've reviewed the new Maybank Islamic Ikhwan Card but the features are mostly the same with conventional and the only different is no compounding interest like other islamic cards. Of course there are other debit and reload cards alternative but charge and credit card still offer greater needs over it. For the past, i've also thought to get only debit card but you can enjoy better privileges with credit card . You just have to know how to utilize and use most of it but not get it over you! Actually, there is a little secret that you can make better financing with only credit card from Bank Islam, that's the other 'why' i applied for it. Maybe i'll will tell you later if i've next free time.
Great references:

Interested to get Bank Islam Card?
I'm happy to help to let others to enjoy, just buzz me.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy? Labah-labah?

BZ??? mmg aku bz (buat2 bz)...tapi dapatlah jugak datang majlis2 kawan2 kita yang dah semakin ramai sudah berkahwin...aku pun turun terasa...hehe...musim mengawan la katakan...

Blog dah bersawang? sebab memang banyak spider kat umah sewa aku ni...althou hari2 aku online...aku masih malas nak blogging, tapi ada banyak nak cerita ni...maybe aku buat blog lain nanti (ntah bila ntah?)

Masalah duit? Nak kawen? Hutang banyak? Aku cuma boleh tolong dengar...tolong bagi nasihat je...

Kalo nak buat Personal Loan, Credit Card, Investment...insya-Allah aku tolong...semua urusan dalam cara ISLAMIC...tapi aku cuma tolong uruskan je, bukan tolong bagi ok...tolong-menolong dapat pahala pe...

Ada keje BEST? gitau la aku k!

Ok la, aku sempat taip ni je...

UPDATE!: aku dah buat blog baru...
jemput2lah ke


Sunday, March 30, 2008


I'd forgot that i've this blog. Always busy busy with works make me like a work0holic idiot althou the truth is i'm not really a hardworking person (mm, lazy, to be persists).
Well, i think i might change this blog to be more informational (lebih berilmiah la, orang kata). Many to add but lazy to do it...end/

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cerminku Retak Seribu

Cermin kereta aku retak seribu entah kenapa, time aku tengah driving lak tu, aku ingat hujan lebat, sebab hari pun dah malam, mata pun dah rabak...rupa2nya retak...

Nasib dapat repair b4 CNY (nasib duit gaji pun dah masuk), so bole la aku bercuti dgn kereta aku...

orait...itu je, malas nak naip...

Sunday, February 03, 2008


everything is new after this new job, new place, new environment, new girl, new friends, new spots (damn), new culture, new hang out, new life, new journey...and more new things to still the same old me...

k, that's all i guess...will edit later (maybe)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sayonara 07...Au Revoir HSN

Last Friday (28/12/07) was my last day at Highpoint Service Network. Since it was my last day, i wore jeans with the normal friday's T. Actually, i'd no mood to work today but i still did my last QC report.

There are many things that this company is lack of. It's not i want to talk bad. There's still no good SOP for repairing, QC, and motherboard testing, no safety precaution and awareness, no good ESD prevention, and many more (from technical thingy to operation)...Why there are still many DOA, they're never research about it, instead they only blame that to vendor...they do testing for all incoming motherboards but actually they only make it worse (good intention but bad practice, get it? the boss always use this quote but he also did it...he always thought he's good anyway)...there is good technical explanation for it, i really want to put it in my report, but since it will be like a long they'll not pay me for that anyway...and can't be smarter than them, i just forget about it...better put it for my master's study...ok, enough with that...

After sembahyang jumaat, i returned all my loaned stuff. Then, i spent the rest of the day with strolling around and taking pictures...gotohell wif works!

i still have to go (without waiting another 2 weeks for my peoples will call me stupid...whatever-lah...)

(just goto my friendster for other pics coz i felt very lazy to upload it)

The next day (29/12/07) i got paintball match at PJ behind Armada Hotel. I joined it under Highpoint team even thou i'm not the staff anymore (who cares). We all start late that morning because of Darren but luckily he brought his friend so she can be our photographer...heheh...

Our team end up as 2nd place even thou all are noobies...hahah...

Well, about 2007...there's nothing much to write (only work, work, work) except what i'd wrote in this blog (and friendster blog) like...
  • - car accident on February @Bahau
  • - botak again on March
  • - jalan-jalan terawih (including cari masjid dan manusia)
  • - jalan-jalan raya
  • - jalan-jalan cari kerja...(didn't write this yet)
  • - jalan-jalan majlis kahwin
  • - help korban one cow @my kampong, Pelangai, K.Pilah
  • - my stepmom haji's departure @Kelana Jaya and arrival @KLIA (didn't write about this also)
  • - other such things like went to Bukit Cherakah, Teluk Cempedak, Tasik Shah Alam (every week), window shopping (at every big mall), etc...
  • - and quit from Acer-Highpoint (and all of my brothers also quit job, will write about this later)
faq: what is au revoir?
ans: go google for it...hahah

That's all
Thank you for my farewell ceremony
I'll miss u

and happy new year 2008

where i will go next? to be continued...
(expect no update bcoz i hate cc)